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A little about myself.
My name is Tommy Andersen, I live Church mountain road 23 Boestofte, 4673 Stevns.
Year 1957 married to Connie and we have two boys

My major hobby is Silk hens, I have raised and exhibited them since 1980.

Silk hens found in large and midget.
Both sizes are available both with and without the beard, of 7 accepted color variations and an working to get approval.

I have the great silk fowls in 3 colors, it is white, game-colored, black and blue
The white and colored game are the variations I have worked with the longest, as is the black and blue come to.

The whites are the ones I rent exhibition and quality has made the most of it has been a part of Honor Awards and Trophies on the club circuit and rural exhibitions over the years with them.
The game is a little more difficult color to get the right color in both sexes, it has improved over the years - I am not completely satisfied, but that is what is the challenge.

On the black I have tried to improve the size and get a real black color because I think it is to succeed with the help of a little blood renewal from Norway and Germany.

The blue is a by-product of work on the black because there will be blue / black spættede from the black, which I then paired again with black. This should provide a blue chicks, but it just did not know chickens. It is nonetheless been some good blue that I have exhibited with varying results. The blue is exciting to work with and one of my color farvoritter.

White dwarf silky chickens with beards is the last variety which has come to, it is rare in Denmark as long as it is a challenge that I take up successor.

See more from breeding strains. 

In 2009 the following strains in the chicken house

Spaces 1
White dwarf silky chickens with beards.
1 male and two from Germany, so I expect to get a more chicken from a farmer in the U.S., it just downloaded.

Since I have not had dwarf silk before, so the expectations are so high and I just want to hatch depending what comes out of eggs, and then see what can be used.
In room 2
White beardlessness.
1 German rooster and 3 of my own hens, two large fine hens and 1 as probably being put out when I got a little egg under her, she is a little too small but with good type.
For these will be ruget on everything that comes from eggs, many have put a ticket into the chickens.
In room 3
The blue and black space.
There is a blue and a black male from Germany.
2 woodpecker the hens, 3 black and 2 blue hens all of its holding, and a blue hen from Germany, it is a strain which I probably will not make as many chicks after this year because I føste want to see what the German taps provides .

In room 4
White with a beard.
1 German 2 German rooster and hens and 2 hens of his own breeding.
Of these, I brood on everything coming ova, a strain which I rate very much.

In room 5
Wild Colored beardlessness.
1 rooster that I have obtained from another breeder, it is from a cross with wild colored rooster and 1 hen with black vildtfavet gene. This intersection was to rely more black into the game in color, 4 color game hens, 2 elderly and two young people from the 2008 + black with a gene for the wild colored.

Of these, I will make some chicks might put a white male later on sæsongen.

By solving animals, I have 3 white cocks, 2 with beard and 1 without, it is always good with an extra tap in the event there is no fertilization

Write in my guest book if it is to read, it is set to google the phrase, because I can not be sliced so good in English


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Hvor er hanen her smuk

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Er det muligt at købe rugeæg hos dig.
Vh AnneDorthe

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hejsa. jeg ville lige høre om du havde nogle Høns til salg

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Det er øreskiverne og de skal være turkisblå det skal silkehøns have

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